Sunday, 27 December 2009

our broken down little car,


i hope that you like it in your little motel
and i hope that the suite sleeps and suits you well 
well i can see it as time and as sight through smell
that's why it's nice to be by yourself

we treat mishaps like sinking ships
and i know that i don't want to be out to drift
well i can see it in your eyes like i taste your lips
and they both tell me that we're better than this

we trade tit for tat yeah like that for this 
and i don't think that there was an insult that was missed
i can see it in your eyes like i taste your lips 
and i'm very sorry

'cause that's what i'm waiting for
that's what i'm waiting for
that's what i'm waiting for aren't i
that's what i'm waiting for
that's what i'm waiting for
that's what i'm waiting for darling

the reaminders of a shooting star landed
directly on our broken down little car 
before then we had made a wish 
that we would be missed 
if one or another just did not exist

modest mouse


Sunday, 20 December 2009

that's what I'm waiting for darlin',

i love it when it rains!
and overcast weather and thunderstorms, but no hail, that shit's lame.

maybe it's because it's australia, and it's summer.
i don't like the heat. 
when it's cold, i can drink coffee. and enjoy it. :)
i can wear jeans and coats,
i can use an umbrella,
i can splash in puddles,
i can paint (not that i don't in summer, but it's much more pleasant in colder weather)
i can stay inside and sleep, or watch movies and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and eat cinnamon toast,
and strawberries are in season!

it's actually raining right now, 
with thunder! 

and i walked my dogs in the rain with me little brother this aftern
oon, jumping in puddles and wearing hoddies, well, i was wearing a hoodie, and my brother kept pulling on it. he's 15 by the way, acts like an eight-year-old.

i love watching raindrops on the window, they're like little fishies!
and reading curled up in a blanket!
whilst listening to modest mouse, and googling audrey kawasaki (below),


Saturday, 19 December 2009


i had never heard of this fruit until today!
how frickin' cool is the name!?


i've never had one before, but if you have, what does it taste like?

they're from china and a from the citrus family of fruits, like oranges, and grow best in hot conditions.

hope you're having a nice summer 
(or winter, if you don't live in the southern hemisphere)

mary and max,

this time i went to the video store, 
the trusty blockbuster in fortitude valley

and borrowed the charming 92-minute, animated film, 
Mary and Max.


ok. this film was rated PG, 
it dealt with issues like friendship, life, death, suicide, disease, neglect,  loneliness, depression, anxiety...

the film (based on a true story), follows the friendship between two very different people;
mary daisy dinkle, and chubby lonely eight year old girl living in the suburbs of melbourne and max jerry horovitz, a forty-four year old, obese, jewish man with aspergers syndrome living in the chaos of new york.

it's a sweet film, pretty dark, but the overtones of humor lift the mood.
i liked it.

the cast includes toni collette, eric bana and phillip seymour hoffman,
pretty good if you ask me :)

go and see it,
deffs worth it


Thursday, 17 December 2009


man, i've been seeing a lot of movies lately!

so, on thursday, i saw Avatar in 3D with some friends.
i didn't have expectations of this film, because, quite frankly, i do very much like 3D movies and this one looked pretty good compared to the other 3D movies.

well, once again, i was surprised! 
this film was really good. everything about it was really well done! the animation was amazing and the story-line, although kind of predicable, with the whole like "yeah man, they're deffs going to end up falling in love and that's going to cause conflict, and he's going to do this instead of that.... blah blah blah", yeah but it was still really enjoyable.

i'm not sure what to think of the whole alien/human love, but... yeah, just a movie

oh! and the aesthetics where lovely! so colourful! 

the film was set in the future, 2154.
and explored the issues of the destruction of man, etc, which i found quite interesting.  

i would definitely recommend the film, it's long, but you hardly notice. and if you can, see it in 3D. personally i think it's better, but if you're like my brother and could care less, then i guess it doesn't matter. hahaha