Sunday, 25 October 2009

the mad-header,

so, i changed my header :DD
it's a digital version of the original work completed for IB visual arts.

Breathing Black/Breath in Black

29.5 x 28.1 cms
graphite, ink + finepoint pen on Saunders watercolour paper

description (didactic): I was cleaning out my art shelf to see if I could find any good paper that I hadn’t used yet. I found one with ink splatters on one that I had around when I was using batik (ink and wax). My original plan was to have the “Alice” character blowing out smoke (reminiscent of the chapter, Advice From The Caterpillar), but it looked more like she was coughing, which still works quite well. The text is a quote from the chapter The Pool Of Tears, the work is a cross between the chapters The Pool Of Tears and Advice From The Caterpillar.

hope you like it :D 

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