Wednesday, 20 January 2010

sorry, but yeah..

yeah, so i've decided that blogging about random stuff and about my life... is, well, kind of.. pointless, and i find myself rarely ever blogging because i just find myself to preoccupied with, um, my life.. no offense to those bloggers who do consistently blog about life and random stuff, i really do admire your dedication.
but it's just not for me..
for anyone who is interested, 
i am going to start a different blog, but one about my arts practice instead, 
it may sound kind of wank-y/pretentious, but i really enjoy it, and have some pretty exciting stuff (i think, but then again... i am someone who gets excited about a free bus ride home.. saving me $1.90) happening in the next month or so!

anywho, this blog will cease when the new one is born and so the circle of life.. or whatever, continues.

so yes, keep in touch?

Friday, 8 January 2010


ohi thur!

i feel like i've been so very slack with bloggin' 
sorry :(

i've been debating whether or not to keep it up...
and, can i say, i think i will :)

so, what's been happening?

i finally caught up with people!
on wednesday, my friend rachel called me because she was in the valley :)
which, by the ways.. is very close to ma house, so i got there half an hour or so later,
the bus was surprisingly packed, so it took me twice as long to get there. hur hur.
anywho, i made it, we FINALLY caught up over sushi, omnomnom, and then found a noice place to further catch up and chat about life, school and all that jazz.
and then i left her do do her photo shoot... photo here
gosh, she's a little asian ball of talent!

after that i went home to get ready and meet nickers and jamesy for dinner and a movie.
it was so good to see them! they had been away at woodford (see photos by the lovely sophie here) since boxing day, and it had felt like a life time since i had last seen them!
we exchanged christmas gifts and ate italian for dinner.
talking about shiz and speaking dirty italian! lel.

we saw sherlock holmes and ate hello panda!
then after these lovely events we walked to the bus stop. james and nicki caught the bus home and ma lovely mumsie picked meh ups.

you guys made my day!


Tuesday, 5 January 2010


that's right,
it's the number of coloured pencils i will have come my nineteenth birthday!
i'm not kidding by the way.

ok.. so this is what happens. 
you subscribe, and every month they send you a set of 25 pencils for 20 months, building up 'til you hit the 500 mark.

apparently, the clever people behind the idea reckon a new box of inspiration every 30 days of so is good for the little creative sole within :) 

check it out here

could this seriously be any cooler?

and i mean, really...
how could you resist?

Friday, 1 January 2010

a quick christmas/new years greeting,

sorry i'm late but,
merry christmas 
happy new years,

i hope you all had a lovely christmas filled with all of those christmas-iee-related-things 

my christmas was, surprisingly, one of the best i've ever had!
my uncle and cousins came up for the week. it was the first time we had seen them in... well, a really, really, really loooong time!
and it was weird.
but only because it wasn't.
you know when you seen someone in a really long time and it's like you don't have anything in common anymore, but then after an hour or so, it's like nothing's changed and everything is wonderful and you start to remember all of those silly in-jokes? well, although we (my brother and i) hadn't seen kyle in 2 years, alanna in 3 years and dom in like 5+ years (can't remember exactly), there was no awkwardness or anything! and that's why it was weird. 
because it wasn't.

they are by far my favourite cousins
... even though they have red hair,

yeah... pretty much all of my relatives have red hair,
my mum is 1/2 italian, 1/2 irish, and she's the only one of five kids that looks like a wog,
hence, probably why my brother and i don't have red hair and they do... though it doesn't rule out the possibility that my kids could have red hair, god forbid. 


yeah so, christmas was lovely! and i got a tone of books and vouchers :), all of which were on my list!!! 

new years was not exactly... what i expected/looking forward to, 
but anywho, there's always next year (Y)
assuming i make through this year.. 

not too worried about that though,