Tuesday, 17 November 2009

forever young,

studying for our final ib french exams on friday, and my eff-ing god it was hot today!

this week's been pretty quiet...which sometimes i like but right now i'm going a little stir-crazy! i just can't wait for this week to be over!

graduation is almost here, though it's one of those things there always seemed like it would never happen! i mean, i knew i was going to happen...eventually, but i never really imagined actually growing up and a having life after school. because you know, you hear about it all the time and see it in movies and read about it, but it's always something that will happen. it's so overwhelming to think of everything ending in just a few days. 
but the grad party should be très awesome! :DD

although it's crazy to think about finishing. i can't wait! i still have no real idea about what i'm going to do, career-wise :S but, we'll see - i'll find something haha.  anywho, i'm going to rainbow beach with some friends from school for two weeks for schoolies on the 21st. so i will be MIA for a bit. warning you now. i plan on just chillin' and having fun and reminiscing and taking photos.....ahhhhh it will be gooood!

it would be so cool if i could wear something like this to rainbow
hehehe...i love pandas!


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