Monday, 9 November 2009

a good monday? NO WAY!

today was a good day.

i mean it wasn't craaaazzzyy fantastic but it was above average.

the weather was just the way i like it :)
overcast, not too cold and not too hot, a little sprinkle of rain here and there but nothing serious,

the people were the sort of people i like 
not to serious, not too crazy,

everything was just right.

had good d&m's with people - but the kind of d&m's that light and fluffy - like a cloud
and i had rants with people who were ranting about the same things, which is good when you're ranting.

anyway, i'm in a very good mood and it's all because meh friends :)
so, i'm going to list why i love them...

friend no. 1, 
i love that you want to change the world! i love that you have a need and a passion for it and i love that you are completely happy to be yourself and don't feel the need to conform to stereotypes or the idea of being "cool" (even though i totally think you are!). i love how you're more than just 'brains' and don't allow yourself be defined by it.

friend no. 2, 
you are so incredibly unique in every definition of the word! and i know that to some people, you may be considered 'strange' or 'weird' but that is why i love you, no one in this whole world could ever be like you! you're crazy - in a good way, of course, and you always make meh laugh. :DD

ok, i know, this is very soppy, but whatever, I DON'T CARE it doesn't happen often, ok.
friend no. 1 & 2 you know who you are :)

i have lots of friends who i absolutely admire, no doubt, but it would take me forever to list everyone and the things i love about them, so these are just the ones that stand out. i appreciate all the friends i have made (especially over the last three years) and feel so lucky to have them in my life. i really hope we can stay in touch after school :) i'll cry if we don't ahahaha. 

 "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." 
Mahatma Gandhi.


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