Monday, 9 November 2009

LOL of my life,

"one man, 40 characters and 3 epic films"

when i saw this, i seriously lol-ed!
i mean, wtf!?

i'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but this makes me want to be haha

One Man Star Wars: One Actor, 40 characters, 3 epic films!

In this fast paced show Charles Ross brings to life all the characters from the original Star Wars trilogy live on stage!  Imagine Luke SkywalkerPrincess Leia,C3PO and Chewbacca -- all on stage, all performed by just one actor.

As a Star Wars addict, who has seen the trilogy over 400 times, Ross handles all the characters and special effects himself, without props or costumes to hilarious effect. Charles buzzes like a light sabre, growls like a wookie and whooshes like a millennium falcon as he creates the effects, fights the battles and condenses the plots of all three original films into one action packed show! 

Whether you're a committed
 Star Wars fan or simply want to enjoy a fast-paced, side-splitting evening that's out of this world - One Man Star Wars is a must see!

from here:

so, if you are a Star Wars fan (or not), it's supposed to be very good so check it out. 
i am curious to see how he charles ross handles the luke skywalker/princess leia/han solo characters....and all of the others for that matter hahaha 

charles ross website here:


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