Thursday, 17 December 2009


man, i've been seeing a lot of movies lately!

so, on thursday, i saw Avatar in 3D with some friends.
i didn't have expectations of this film, because, quite frankly, i do very much like 3D movies and this one looked pretty good compared to the other 3D movies.

well, once again, i was surprised! 
this film was really good. everything about it was really well done! the animation was amazing and the story-line, although kind of predicable, with the whole like "yeah man, they're deffs going to end up falling in love and that's going to cause conflict, and he's going to do this instead of that.... blah blah blah", yeah but it was still really enjoyable.

i'm not sure what to think of the whole alien/human love, but... yeah, just a movie

oh! and the aesthetics where lovely! so colourful! 

the film was set in the future, 2154.
and explored the issues of the destruction of man, etc, which i found quite interesting.  

i would definitely recommend the film, it's long, but you hardly notice. and if you can, see it in 3D. personally i think it's better, but if you're like my brother and could care less, then i guess it doesn't matter. hahaha

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