Tuesday, 1 December 2009

the beach of rainbow,

hi there!

well, i got back from rainbow beach on sunday.

i came home a week early :D

i didn't think i would, but two weeks... i was probably going to die from boredom. 

just sayin' 

the week at rainbow was pretty good. however i did have greater expectations for the week and the whole "schoolies experience" (even though it wasn't technically "schoolies") ... yeah, so it was good,


1. james getting completely wasted for the amusement of, well, everyone in the house but him (and later nicki). 

2. the beach party with elisha and jamesy boy. 

3. all of the drinks josh bought and made for us.

4. josh making food for us. NACHOS!

5. random walks and watching the sunset with nicki

6. climbing the massive sand dune with james and nicki at 4:oo in the afternoon

7. pulling an all-nighter with nicki and josh, playing cards and starburst + coke = diabetes

8. stealing ...mhmm... from tom and bek

9. tom and bek asking everyone in the house for mhmms in the middle of the night

10. mario brawl... while drinking

11. ice cream!!!!

12. no parents

13. watching the sunrise with nat, josh, james and nicki


1. the singles to couple ratio

2. listening to tom tell us about his love for "rom-coms" 

(aka romantic comedies)


(RIP, i love you. forever)

and well, the rest was pretty so-so. i wish i could have met some new people! oh well... i guess i have the rest of my life for that now.


it was a pretty good week :)

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