Sunday, 20 December 2009

that's what I'm waiting for darlin',

i love it when it rains!
and overcast weather and thunderstorms, but no hail, that shit's lame.

maybe it's because it's australia, and it's summer.
i don't like the heat. 
when it's cold, i can drink coffee. and enjoy it. :)
i can wear jeans and coats,
i can use an umbrella,
i can splash in puddles,
i can paint (not that i don't in summer, but it's much more pleasant in colder weather)
i can stay inside and sleep, or watch movies and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and eat cinnamon toast,
and strawberries are in season!

it's actually raining right now, 
with thunder! 

and i walked my dogs in the rain with me little brother this aftern
oon, jumping in puddles and wearing hoddies, well, i was wearing a hoodie, and my brother kept pulling on it. he's 15 by the way, acts like an eight-year-old.

i love watching raindrops on the window, they're like little fishies!
and reading curled up in a blanket!
whilst listening to modest mouse, and googling audrey kawasaki (below),


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